We frequent the place often and the last 3 visits over a 3 week period have been the worst, One of the things we liked about your place was the burgers and fries as well as the fact that it was always very clean. Not so with our last 3 visits.

The floor appeared to have not been swept or mopped in several days and we were there just after opening all 3 times. So, having been in management at McDonalds I can assure you there was not close up cleaning done. There was 1 girl and 1 cook and the cooking area was in serious need. I assure you that the place was in need and should the state have popped in unexpectedly they would have shut it down.

It is disappointing to see the place fall by the wayside but I can assure you that we were not the only ones who noticed the tables needing cleaning; the floor needing sweeping and mopping as well as the restrooms and cooking area needing attention. Perhaps the district manager and site manager need to be checked up on their performances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Five Guys Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: unclean atmosphere.

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