i work there aND can agree too all the complaints... and they pay there employees ONLY $8.00 WITH no benefits medical or dental vision what so ever .

no regards for or towards safe employee practice. all they do is care about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (money) , and labor cost.....not customers.... i see these complaints all daY when i work at 5guys...a. k.

a. SLOPPY JOES.... In-N-Out is number 1 avoiding all Five guys mis-haps and failures , and mistakes ...

i can contest i've worked at both...in-n-out & sloppy joes....REMEMBER IN-N-OUT HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE THE 1950'S AND WILL ALWAYS OUTSHINE THE dullness of five guys ......and sloppy joes cost too much ....i trust in you AMERICA too notice the difference...5 guys don't caRE about you or your kids, service animals, or if your a HUMAN BEING. A m e n.

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I was a manager there and was offered no benefits! My hours went form 65 to 30 hours a week because I was I have children.

The GM has no resturant expierence and I have a degree. They looked me over because they said I had kids but I was an Assistant Manager at 2 other resturants.

They brought in the GM's friend for the Assistant Managers positon and wwithout his 150 hours he was being paid the salary while I was doing the Assistants work. Also, the GM never shared the bonuses for sales either!

to na #977680

First of all, you were not the manager, you were "a" manager. Assistant manager, shift manager, etc., but were not "the" manager.


No offense,but it is fast food.Unless you're a manager,you shouldn't really expect to get any benefits.And considering minimum wage is only $7.25/hr,the fact that they pay eight is astonishing.

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